Plastic Coated Wire

Scott Precision Wire can supply all our alloy wires, including enamelled wires, with an extruded thermoplastic coating.

Circular and rectangular profiles are possible with special laser measurement equipment used to monitor and control even profiled shapes.

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    plastic coated wires

    Scott Precision Wire can extrude polyethylene (PE) plastic coating onto any alloy wire grade including those that have been enamel coated. There are an infinite number of extruded profiles that can be produced, ranging from circular to square to oblong, to suit different design and manufacturing process. Extrusion dies are developed specifically for a particular customer application.

    Plastic coated wires are wound onto mandrels and then over-moulded with the same grade of plastic to produce the fittings, a specific manufacturing process used by a number of electrofusion fittings manufacturers. In process quality and technical measurement ensures that the extruded profile is consistent and the position of the wire within the plastic remains as specified by the customer.

    Scott Precision Wire is renowned for promoting alternative alloys to meet the demand from customers for cost saving solutions. Our technical team can help, just ask. A large and comprehensive products range means we can select the right alloy for a particular application or manufacturing process. With over 80 years manufacturing experience, Scott Precision Wire can recommend the most efficient high-performing wire for your specific design needs.

    Plastic Coated Wire

    high-low density polyethylene

    Scott Precision Wire is particularly skilled in the production of High and Low-density Polyethylene coated resistance wires for the Electrofusion industry.

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    Scott Precision Wire coats resistance wires in a range of pipe-grade polymers to aid the subsequent processing of the wire in the formation of an electrofusion fitting.

    Some PE pipes are designed to last 50 years. Of course, they are normally buried underground and are therefore protected from UV light which degrades all plastics.

    Scott Precision Wire can coat our resistance wires with any melt extrudable thermoplastic polymers.  Pipe fittings are typically made from Polyethylene or Polypropylene.

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