Cupronic 2.5

Cupronic 2.5 is a copper-based resistance alloy with enhanced anti-corrosion properties. It has very low resistivity and is suitable for use in lower temperature applications.

It is available in solid, stranded or bunched constructions down to a wire size of 0.08mm. Cupronic 2.5 is particularly useful in low-temperature heating applications such as underfloor heating and blanket wires.

Cupronic should not be confused with the Thermocouple Compensating alloy Cupronic 12 which has a different chemical composition and resistivity.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Nominal composition%Cu 99
Density at 20°Cg/cm³8.9
Resistivity at 20°CµΩcm2.5
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, 20 – 100°C1/K0.003
Coefficient of thermal expansion, 20 – 100°C1/K17 x 10^6
Thermal conductivity at 20°CW/mK200
Specific Heat Capacity at 20°CkJ/kgK0.38
Melting point (approx.)°C1080
Tensile strength Rm(0.5mm wire)N/mm²220

The figures given in these tables represent nominal or typical values.

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