Scott Precision Wire tests all products before they are despatched so our customers can have the confidence to use our products direct to their production lines without costly Goods Inwards testing in their factories.

This is part of the precision products we manufacture. Our in-process checks and measurements ensure that Precision wire is delivered from start to finish, giving end-to-end on each reel of wire.

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any order or sample size

From small, one off samples to large, quality controlled orders, Scott Precision Wire offer the best, not only in quality production but with ongoing technical support all backed up with a strong supply chain, huge stock and multiple years of experience.

thermocouple laboratory

Our customers can use anything from full reel lengths to small lengths of less than a meter and so every meter of wire we produce must meet the required specifications. Our expertise and in-process checks ensure this is always the case.

Wire is tested against customer specifications but can include: wire elongation, surface hardness, surface finish, diameter, ovality, electrical resistance, EMF, bend tests on coated products and many more.

We work closely with our customers to ensure they have confidence in the testing we do. In all instances, a Certificate of Conformity and test results are always available and we keep records of all products supplied for up to 15 years, depending on the customer’s individual requirements.

We can also trace each batch of material back to our suppliers and back through their supply chain so there is full traceability now and in the future.

Our thermocouple laboratory is fully temperature-controlled and automatically tests and calibrates thermocouple wire performance against known standards and is capable of testing thermocouples to between -50°C and 1200oC.

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A UK Aerospace customer who manufactures high specification thermocouple assemblies for use in jet engines had a problem in that their manufacturing process caused the thermocouple EMF to drift out of International Specification’s. ... read more