Wire for the Oil and Gas Industry

Scott Precision Wire is a class leading manufacturer of quality stranded heating core wire for the global onsite stress relieving industry.

In the oil and gas industry where down time is costly, we deliver a reliable and consistent product fit for the demanding applications.

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    oil & gas key details

    Providing our wire to the leading on-site heat treatment operators found globally, our stranded nickel alloys drive the end user applications of our customers old and new alike. Scott Precision Wire conform to BSI ISO 9001 Quality Management standards in all the sectors we supply to.

    • Key Customers : The leading On-site Heat Treatment operators.
    • Top 3 Materials we Supply : Nickel Chrome, Nickel Manganese and Pure Nickel.
    • Specific Product  (i.e. Bunched, Stranded, RST etc.) :  Stranded.
    • Countries Supplied Into : Global.

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