Scott Precision Wire supply a specific range of wire material and products to the aerospace industry, in which material quality and stringent process quality control are essential in the end user product.
Precision Wire
“On time in full” is none negotiable and Scott Precision Wire maintains a reputation for top-of-the-line service and quality. Fluctuating supply chain demands are met with right first-time products which enables us to supply our product into the automotive industry.
Domestic Appliances
The complete range of Scott Precision Wire’s resistance heating and cold lead alloys service the wide variety of domestic appliance manufacturer’s needs. Supplying the white goods industry within the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and the North American markets.
Electrical Underfloor Heating Guide
Electrical Underfloor Heating
Underfloor Heating Scott Precision Wire are industry experts in fine wire drawing, and we can offer the range of material that our competitors worldwide cannot. Supplying materials for use in electrical underfloor heating solutions and applications has provided the opportunity for our understanding of this sector to grow.
Electrofusion Wire Datasheets
From the original concept over four decades ago, through to today’s multinational global industry, Scott Precision Wire is the go-to expert for the design, specification and manufacture of wire for the Electrofusion industry.
Sectors | industrial heating
Industrial Heating
Scott Precision Wire’s expertise in manufacturing to tight tolerances supports our capabilities to supply a quality service to the industrial heating market. Over the years, our vast wire knowledge has benefited a diverse range of different customer applications from design to production.
Sectors | medical
Scott Precision Wire have been entrusted to supply a wide range of precision wire to use in the assembly of critical equipment within the medical industry, a sector with the highest standards that can only be serviced with the highest quality precision products.
Sectors | gas oil
Oil & Gas
Scott Precision Wire is a class leading manufacturer of quality stranded heating core wire for the global onsite stress relieving industry. In the oil and gas industry where down time is costly, we deliver a reliable and consistent product fit for the demanding applications.