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Scott Precision Wire Ltd people work closely to develop products, services and relationships with our customers that add value to their business.

By understanding our customer’s needs we can tailor our products and services to meet those needs and we take great pride in doing so. From technical support, to help with Logistics, to help with manufacturing processes we interact at all levels with our customers looking for ways to help each other develop.

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    collaborative approach

    Some of the case studies listed are great examples where a collaborative approach has delivered real value and benefits to our customers.

    Another example is the resistance heating comparator software we have developed that allows us to work closely with our customers and verify that the alloy they are using is the most cost effective for their application.

    This approach, combined with our large range of alloys and desire not to limit the range of alloys that we produce has delivered large cost savings to some of our electro-fusion customers.

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    featured case study

    A UK Aerospace customer who manufactures high specification thermocouple assemblies for use in jet engines had a problem in that their manufacturing process caused the thermocouple EMF to drift out of International Specification’s. ... read more