Copper Nickel Alloy Wire

Copper Nickel Alloys are available in a range of resistivities. They are particularly useful in low to medium temperature heating applications or where good corrosion resistance is required.

Wires are available down to 0.06mm and they may be bunched or stranded for improved flexibility.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

 Units 98/02 94/06 90/10 85/15 80/20 Constantan
Maximum continuous operating temperature in air°C300300400450500600
Nominal composition%Cu 98Cu 94Cu 90Cu 85Cu 80Cu 56
Ni 2Ni 6Ni 10Ni 15Ni 20Ni 44
Density at 20°Cg/cm³8.
Resistivity at 20°CµΩcm51015213049
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, 20 – 100°C1/K0.00130.00070.000630.000350.000240.00004
Coefficient of thermal expansion, 20 –100°C1/K x 10^617.717.517.116.916.413.5
Thermal conductivity at 20°CW/mK-6750453823
Specific heat capacity at 20°CkJ/kgK-0.380.380.380.380.41
Melting point (approx.)°C105010801105111511351280
Typical Tensile strength - annealed *N/mm²220230250290340420
Typical Elongation at break - annealed *%>25>25>25>25>25>25

* Values will vary dependant upon wire diameter

The figures given in these tables represent nominal or typical values.

Information contained within this technical data sheet is based upon the general experience of Scott Precision Wire Ltd and is believed to be correct at the time of issue.

No warranty is given or is to be implied from the details above.

Customers are advised to carry out independent tests in order to determine the suitability of any Scott Precision Wire Ltd product for an application.