Technical data

Below you can find information related to Scott Precision Wire and our range of products.

Should you require detailed, technical information on the various materials we use, the properties of our resistance and thermocouple wires, datasheets on our bunched and rolled offerings or need to see our JIG, REACH and ROHS declarations the relevant data is available in PDF format.

Download our technical data sheets 


Alloy Summary Table 

BS EN ISO 9001:2015 FM01795 

Bunched Wires Datasheet 

JIG Declaration

REACH Declaration

ROHS Declaration

Rolled Products

Resistance Heating

19 x 0,523mm Cromaloy 1

19 x 0.523mm Cromaloy 5

19 x 0,61mm Nickel Mn

2% Mn Nickel

Copper Magnesium 02

Copper Nickel Alloys

Cromaloy 1

Cromaloy 5

Cromaloy A

Cumin 11

Cupronic 2.5

Enamelled Resistance Wire

Kutherm Alloys

Nickel 205

Nickel Iron Alloys

Resistance Copper

Stainless Steel 304L


Constantan TC

Cupronic 12

Iron TC

Type K Ageing

Type K TC

Type N TC