Scott Precision Wire boast a wide range of resistance and thermocouple alloys all under one roof in comparison to other suppliers.

Our unrivalled range ensures we can be your one-stop shop for your precision wire needs. Find below a comparison of the different alloys manufactured by Scott Precision Wire against Aperam Rescal, Isabellenhütte and Sandvik Kanthal.

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    Alloys Detail

    Scott Precision Wire Aperam Rescal Isabellenhutte Kanthal
    Resistance Alloys
    Cromaloy 4Resistohm® 20Nikrothal® 20
    Cromaloy 3Resistohm® 40Nikrothal® 40
    Cromaloy 3020Resistohm® 30ISA® -Chrom 30Nikrothal® 30
    Cromaloy 5Resistohm® 80ISA®-Chrom 80Nikrothal® 80
    Cromaloy 1Resistohm® 60ISA®-Chrom 60Nikrothal® 60
    Cromaloy AResistohm® 135Kanthal® D
    Cromaloy OResistohm® 140
    Copper Nickel 98/02CuNi 2Alloy 30Cuprothal® 05
    Copper Nickel 94/06CuNi 6Alloy 60Cuprothal® 10
    Copper Nickel 90/10CuNi 10Alloy 90Cuprothal® 15
    Copper Nickel 85/15Alloy 127
    Copper Nickel 80/20CuNi 23ISA-ZinCuprothal® 30
    Copper Nickel 67/30Nickelin W
    ConstantanCuNi 44ISOTAN®Cuprothal® 49
    Cumin 11Manganin®Manganina 43
    Nickel Iron 70/30Nifethal™ 70
    Nickel Iron 52/48Nifethal™ 52
    Nickel 205Pure NICKELNickel
    2% Manganese NickelNiMn2
    Cupronic 2.5A-Copper 2.5
    Thermocouple Alloys
    NicroISATHERM® PlusThermothal™ P
    NialISATHERM® MinusThermothal™ N
    ConstantanISOTAN® ThermoCuprothal®
    Constantan KNCBISA® MinusCuprothal® WX
    Cupronic 12 S/RNCBA-Copper 11Cuprothal® SX
    CuMn03 BPXS-Copper