Bunched Wire

Bunched wires can be manufactured in any alloy and in a wide range of sizes and numbers of strands. Bunched wires can be supplied in long lengths to minimise our customers' scrap and change-over times and on a variety of reel sizes.
Wire | Electro Fusion Wire

Electrofusion Wire

Scott Precision Wire is a recognised World leader in the manufacture of wires for the electrofusion industry. Electrofusion wire is used to weld plastic pipe to plastic fittings, fittings that range from couplers to tees to elbows to tapping cocks.
Enamelled Wire Datasheets

Enamelled Wire

Any of the alloys Scott Precision Wire produce can be enamel coated – not just copper. Applying an enamel coating gives the resultant enamelled wire electrical insulation and isolation according to international standards.
Heater Core Wire

Heater Core Wire

Heater Core Wire is part of the Scott Precision Wire stranded product range and is manufactured specifically for the On-Site Heat Treatment industry. The stress-relieving process of pressure vessels and pipework demands a consistently high-quality heater core wire for both efficient assembly of the heater mats and the reliable high-rated temperature performance on site.
Plastic Coated Wire

Plastic Coated Wire

Scott Precision Wire can supply all our alloy wires, including enamelled wires, with an extruded thermoplastic coating hence the term plastic coated wire . Circular and rectangular profiles are possible with special laser measurement equipment used to monitor and control even profiled shapes.
Resistance Wire

Resistance Wire

Scott Precision Wire Electrical Resistance wires are specially developed, alloy wires which combine the characteristics of a consistent heating effect with excellent corrosion prevention. Alloys suitable for use from the lowest temperatures up to 1200°C are available.
Wire | ribbon tape

Ribbon and Tape Wire

Here at Scott Precision Wire, we manufacture our own range of ribbon and tape wire. Supported by the latest in measuring technology and continuous improvements our experienced staff can offer ribbon and tape wire to the most demanding specifications.
Wire | standed wire

Stranded Wire

One of our specialities Scott Precision Wire provides is our stranded wire which is manufactured to our customers’ specifications. Totally flexible solutions with From small, one off samples to large, quality controlled orders, Scott Precision Wire offer the best, not only in quality production but with ongoing technical support.
Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouples are widely used as a method of measuring temperature and contain two different alloy wires joined together at the measuring (‘Hot’) end - these are known as thermocouple wires. They are then connected to a meter or other thermocouple emf sensing device at the reference (‘Cold’) end.
Resistance Wire Supplier


Scott Precision Wire boast a wide range of resistance and thermocouple alloys all under one roof in comparison to other suppliers. Our unrivalled range ensures we can be your one-stop shop for your precision wire needs.