On Our Customers Door Step

Scott Precision Wire are proud to export from the UK over 60% of our products to satisfied customers around the world. High quality, attentive service and technical product support is provided to every one of our customers regardless of their geographic location

To each of the four corners of the globe including Argentina, South Africa, Israel, USA, India, Malaysia and Europe, Scott Precision Wire continues to deliver our bespoke wire products for a wide range of applications.

on-time in full targets

Specialising in Electrofusion, Thermocouple and Resistance wires, our products are very often the key critical component for the end users in their specific product. It is therefore very important that Scott Precision Wire strives to exceed customer expectations in our delivery performance regardless of the logistical challenges.

We work with our customers to provide the best solution whether it be ex-works overnight delivery or managing collections through our customer's appointed logistics supplier.

This high level of service contributes greatly to our ambitious "On Time In Full” targets which we continually monitor and have improved on in recent years. The continual improvement process is ongoing with customers relying on Scott Precision Wire products to fulfill their own, hard-won orders.

However, at Scott Precision Wire, the commitments we make do not end when the goods have been despatched. The bespoke products we manufacture are matched by the bespoke logistic service we can offer to meet the different customer demands each one faces around the world.

deliver to line system

One case in point is an international American corporation who manufacture their range of components in different countries around the world. Their corporate lean manufacturing and Just in Time programs demanded that the goods required for their assembly lines be readily available in the same location as the manufacturing facility. Working with a third-party logistics provider, Scott Precision Wire implemented and manage a "deliver to line” system from one continent to another continent.

Working in partnership with our customer, and with full access to their MRP portal, we reduced the distances between us meeting their daily material requirements and ensuring that their line never stops producing.

The successful implementation of this program is an example of how Scott Precision Wire crosses oceans and borders to be right on our customer's door step!