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Since 1923, Scott Precision Wire has manufactured the highest quality, flexible, end-to-end solutions & we continue to do so ...

Scott Precision Wire, based in Manchester UK, manufactures a class-leading range of precision wire.

Electrical Resistance wire is produced in a wide range of alloys to meet low to high-temperature heating applications and our Thermocouple wire is manufactured to British and International standards.

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At Scott Precision Wire we take pride in providing a tailored service to our customers around the world from global organisations to new start companies. As part of our added value services, we can provide wire in the form of single-strand, multiple wires that are Bunched or Stranded together, rolled wire in the form of Tape or Strip, Enamel coated wires to provide electrical insulation at elevated temperatures and plastic coated wires.

Scott Precision Wire can supply wire in any commercially available alloy and we pride ourselves on being able to supply our customers with the right alloy for their application…we aren’t limited to a narrow range of alloys.

Helping our customers select the right alloy for their application is an important part of our service and, collectively, our highly skilled people have over a century of experience in wire applications.

Product can be supplied in a large range of packaging options from spools to drum-packs. Containerised shipments, bespoke packaging and small quantities are also available.

Scott Precision Wire prides itself on exceeding customer needs by delivering high-quality, tight specification wires on short lead times.

Please talk to us about our recent customer satisfaction scores highlighting our continual drive to deliver great customer service.

Scott Precision Wire can supply single strand wires, stranded, enamel-coated, bunched or rolled profiled wires as well as extruding plastic coatings onto wires.

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From small, one off samples to large, quality controlled orders, Scott Precision Wire offer the best, not only in quality production but with ongoing technical support all backed up with a strong supply chain, huge stock and multiple years of experience.

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A UK Aerospace customer who manufactures high specification thermocouple assemblies for use in jet engines had a problem in that their manufacturing process caused the thermocouple EMF to drift out of International Specification’s. ... read more