Industrial Heating

Scott Precision Wire’s expertise in manufacturing to tight tolerances supports our capabilities to supply across a wide range of industries.

Over the years, our vast wire knowledge has benefited a diverse range of different customer applications from design to production. From general heating to international standards thermocouple cables, Scott Precision Wire has the product for your needs.

Totally flexible solutions with

any order or sample size

From small, one off samples to large, quality controlled orders, Scott Precision Wire offer the best, not only in quality production but with ongoing technical support all backed up with a strong supply chain, huge stock and multiple years of experience.

industrial heating key details

Scott Precision Wire understand the demands of the industrial heating market and the expensive, time consuming repercussions that can occur with downtime.

Supplying worldwide into general heating and industrial processor manufacturers our stranded, bunched and single-end thermocouple and resistance heating wires is found in a multitude of products.

All of our wire offerings in the industrial heating sector conform to BSI ISO 9001 standards

  • Key Customers : General heating and industrial processors.
  • Top 3 Materials we Supply : Thermocouple Wire, Resistance Heating Wire, Chemical Filter Wire.
  • Specific Product  (i.e. Bunched, Stranded, RST etc.) : Stranded, Bunched & Single End.
  • Countries Supplied Into : Global.

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A UK Aerospace customer who manufactures high specification thermocouple assemblies for use in jet engines had a problem in that their manufacturing process caused the thermocouple EMF to drift out of International Specification’s. ... read more