The History


Scott Precision Wire Ltd was formed in 1923 in Manchester UK and was first registered as A.C. Scott & Co Ltd and to this day remains in the same area of the UK, manufacturing precision high quality alloy wire for both electrical resistance heating and thermocouple applications. A.C. Scott & Co Ltd was acquired by IMI PLC in the 1960’s and renamed IMI Scott Ltd.

Over the years Scott Precision Wire Ltd has manufactured thermocouple cables and compensating leads as well as extendable leads and now focusses mainly on high quality tight tolerance precision wires for critical applications. The expertise to do this has been built up within a team of highly skilled and experienced people who, over the years have passed on their knowledge and skills to the next generation.

The range of alloys that we produce is large, our strategy being to meet the needs of our customers and so there isn’t a material that we won’t find a way to manufacture.

Scott Precision Wire Ltd moved to the new factory in 2012 after having been in our previous Dallimore Road factory for 50 years. The current factory has given us the ability to grow the products we manufacture and to carefully lay out our manufacturing facilities to get the best and most efficient flow of materials and products as well as ensuring we maintain our exemplary Health & Safety record.

In 2015 IMI Scott was acquired by ‘Broadhurst Industries PLC,’ starting an exciting new period in its development but ending a 50 year association with IMI.