Bunched wires can be manufactured in any alloy and in a wide range of sizes and numbers of strands. Bunched wires can be supplied in long lengths to minimise our customers' scrap and change-over times and on a variety of reel sizes.

Strict adherence to our in house product quality standrds means that all bunched wires are 100% checked in process for high or broken strands. Our comprehensive laboratory allows us to application test bunched wire to meet our customer’s specifications.

Be it bunched resistance wires, bunched thermocouple wires or bunched wires for electrical or mechanical applications Scott Precision Wire has a range of machines and processes to produce products that meet your needs.




Call us with your requirements, you won’t be disappointed!





Scott Precision Wire go above and beyond to ensure that instances of high strands are eliminated by rewinding through a three plane Lump/Neckdown detector ensuring your manufacturing processes can run uninterrupted.