Rolled Products

At Scott Precision Wire our metals can be supplied in tape or strip form. In-house tape rolling allows us to batch select metals to provide the right characteristics for our customers. This can include specific emf profiles for thermocouple tapes or particular mechanical properties.

Tapes are layer wound onto customer specified reels and strip is normally delivered in coils after undergoing in-house inspection for the required characteristics.


The alloys available for supply in tape or strip include:
Cromaloy 1 Cromaloy 3 Cromaloy 4 Cromaloy 5 C3020
Copper Nickel 98/02 Copper Nickel 94/06 Copper Nickel 90/10 Copper Nickel 85/15 Copper Nickel 80/20
Copper Zinc 95/05 Copper Zinc 80/20 Copper Zinc 64/36 Constantan Cumin 11
Kutherm 3 Kutherm 10 Nickel Iron 70/30 Nickel Iron 52/48 Pure Nickel
Manganese Nickel Cupronic 2.5 Cupronic 12 Nicro + Nial -
Nicrosil Nisil

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Information contained within this technical data sheet is based upon the general experience of Scott Precision Wire and is believed to be correct at the time of issue.  No warranty is given or is to be implied from  the details above. Customers are advised to carry out independent tests in order to determine the suitability of any Scott Precision Wire product for an application.