Bunched Wires

At Scott Precision Wire we can bunch all our metals to form flexible conductors. 

Individual strand diameters range from 0.10mm to 0.90mm with up to 84 strands in the bunch to a maximum cross sectional area of 5mm2. 

Lay lengths are set and controlled to provide the optimum balance between quality, flexibility and cost. 

Some typical examples of bunched wires are:





7 x 0.16mm

CuNi 94/06

Underfloor heating cables

24 x 0.20mm

Nicro KPX

Extension cables for thermocouple probes.

50 x 0.25mm

Pure Nickel

Glass fibre insulated leads for cooker elements.


If a smoother finish is required the wires can be concentric stranded as 7s or 19s. 

Our most common strand type is unidirectional concentric (each layer in the same direction with increasing lay length on each layer) but true concentric (opposite lay direction for each layer) is available subject to minimum order quantities.


All bunched and stranded wires go through the same rigourous testing as solid wires before despatch whether this be a simple resistance test or a full range emf test for a thermocouple wire. 

Bunched and stranded wires are also inspected for high riding wires using a three axis lump/neckdown detector to ensure the finished item is of the highest quality.





                                                                              Lump/Neckdown detector



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Customers are advised to carry out independent tests in order to determine the suitability of any Scott Precision Wire Ltd product for an application.

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